Friday, February 23, 2018


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About coMosey

coMosey is carpooling website where friends who share common travel routes connect. Why travel alone? It's much cooler with other people. Save money, save gas, and a bit of the planet as well. coMosey helps you find a travel pal for:
  • carpooling;
  • commuting by bus, train or taxi; or,
  • share driving during a longer trip or commute.
  • Best of all, coMosey will help you find someone you feel comfortable and safe with.

    Find your travel pal at coMosey.

    coMosey: co (community) + Mosey (mosey on, partner)



    You don't have to enter your exact home address. This is simply a location for carpool / ride-share pickup, or drop-off. If you are meeting a friend at the corner, then input the address of a building nearby. To remove your location pins from the map, simply delete the text from departure, destination and long/lat fields fields under "Edit Ride Details" in the right-side menu.