Friday, February 23, 2018

Ontario Carpools


(This article is not a legal document. Please consult the appropriate legal or government authorities in your area.)

If you’re carpooling solely within a single municipality, or if you’re not being compensated for driving, there should be no issue with Ontario's Public Vehicles Act.

In certain areas (ex. Ontario), you cannot receive payment for individual rides between different cities. If you do, you are no longer sharing a ride, you’re selling a ride. This constitutes operating a public transportation service. Individuals operating such services must be properly licensed, insured and inspected. The Public Vehicles Act attempts to control drivers seeking to make a profit at the cost of public safety.

If you’re crossing city boundaries and are compensated for doing so, you must be a “carpool vehicle”. To be considered a carpool vehicle, you must:

  • Have a seating capacity of less than 12 people;
  • Not be paid by your passengers more than once a week (payment “per trip” is not permitted); and
  • Not take passengers on any more than one round trip per day.

The Ontario government has introduced legislation to make allowances and permit ride sharing compensation, provided that the driver is only collecting money to cover expenses, not to turn a profit.



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