Friday, February 23, 2018
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  • Find Pals
  • Save Gas
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Fight Traffic
  • Safe Carpooling
  • Change Your Commute


Carpool. Fill seats, not streets. Share. Fight Traffic. It's free to join.


After registration:

Click on the right-side menu item "Edit Trip Details". Make sure you fill you the second tab called "Trip Details". For best results fill out as much of your profile as possible. Include whether or not you're willing to carpool with kids, whether you are willing to drive, or anything else that will help others find you.

Editing your profile and trip details:

Click on the right-side menu item "Edit Trip Details". Make sure you fill you the second tab called "Trip Details". You do not have to do anything in the first tab (the map).This tab has the map, and two buttons with coordinates. The button "Fetch from address" will take the new information from the "Trip Details" tab. The button "Fetch from location" will take the approximate data from your browser (ex. city centre). When you move the markers in this tab, the markers will display like that on the main map. However, the search will pull information from the "Departure" and "Destination" fields.

Carpool Addresses:

The addresses you enter do NOT have to be your mailing addresses. For example, the Departure address can be a coffee shop, your neighbour's house, or any other place you feel comfortable entering. Enter the following format for proper geocoding of your carpool commute: 123 Main Street, Mytown, My State/Province. You can also include postal code and country. Use PROPER SPELLING of streets in order for Google Maps to recognize them properly.

How the search works:

The search feature reads all information from the "Departure" and "Destination" fields in user profiles. You only have to enter at least ONE field. The results will display all the entries with that departure or destination. When searching, begin with a general search. For example, start with "city" ("Burlington" to "Toronto" or "Toronto"). To narrow down results, add "street", and so on. Please make sure to check the spelling of the city and street you entered.

Removing Your Markers from Map:

When you find a carpool or ride-share partner, you will want to remove your markers from the ride-share maps. To remove your markers, simply delete the "Destination" and "Departure" addresses. To do so, click on "Edit Ride Details" in the right-side menu. Click on "Trip Details" tab. Select the text in the "Departure" field. Delete. Do the same for "Destination". Still showing? Click on the "Map" tab. Delete the latitude and longitude values below the map. Save.

Marker Accuracy:

The departure and destination markers are intentionally set to low accuracy. This means that the markers will appear in a random manner within a pre-determined radius. This is done for easier viewing in map mode.