Friday, February 23, 2018
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Carpooling in Greater Toronto Area

"I don't carpool between two cities, just within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Can coMosey mapping display this correctly?"

Definitely. coMosey carpool mapping is based on geo-coding of addresses. So if you are looking for a carpool from point A to point B, it doesn't matter if you are driving from Burlington to Barrie, or if you're ride-sharing from downtown Toronto to Yonge and the 401. As long as your carpool destination and departure points are geo-coded, your information will be mapped.

Example carpool addresses between cities:
Destination: "300 City Centre Dr, Mississauga"
Departure: "900 Upper Wentworth Ave, Hamilton"

Example carpool addresses within a metropolitan area:
Destination: "1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto"
Departure: "135 Carl Hall Road, Toronto"

Both of the above address pairs will display on the coMosey carpool map.

This works the same for all metropolitan regions, whether it's in Ontario or San Francisco area.