Friday, February 23, 2018

Carpooling in Burlington

Carpoling in Burlington is more and more appealing. Whether you commute from Burlington to Mississauga or Toronto, carpooling is becoming the number two option to using the Burlington - Toronto GO train.

Though GO train is perhaps the most logical way to travel the Burlington-Toronto corridor, carpooling may be the answer to the ever-increasing traffic. Carpooling from Burlington to Toronto can not only save you on enourmous fuel bills, but it can save you on time as well.

Consider the carpool or the HOV lane. When driving between Burlington and Toronto, an average commute can take up to two hours in daily traffic. Using ride-sharing, you can easily shave off half the time by carpooling and using the HOV lane. While others are idling under the 3rd Line bridge, you can zip by with your travel pal in your carpool vehicle using the left HOV lane.

Don't want to drive with strangers? No problem. Make your own ride-share Burlington carpool group. It's easy, free and can save you tons of traffic stress. Join today and be a Burlington Carpool pioneer.

Let's Carpool Burlington!



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