Friday, February 23, 2018

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Safety and Carpooling

The toughest piece of the ride share concept is safety. coMosey takes this seriously. These three simple steps will ensure the safety and comfort of the travellers:
  1. This site is not about hooking up a lift with a stranger. The idea behind the site is to connect FRIENDS and co-workers with each other. The platform is designed to provide means for people who already know each other to post their travel route. The more friends have posted their information, the easier it will be to find your ideal carpool or commute. Each person, on average, will have several hundred connections on social sites. coMosey operates on the same principle, where you and your friends can create connections and groups. With a few hundred friends, one of them is bound to travel in a similar direction. That is the ultimate goal of coMosey. Get your friends and classmates to sign up and connect with you.
  2. All memberships require the age and gender fields. When you are seeking a co-traveller, choose the options you feel comfortable with.
  3. The profiles are specific enough that you can search for what you need, but we do not display names or home addresses. People will not be able to find out information you don't want shared.

If you are attempting to connect with an acquaintance of a friend of a friend, please take the time to meet them prior to the trip. Check out their facebook profile. Talk to their friends. If you are a woman, travel with at least one other woman or a friend you trust.


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